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Health and WASH

In an effort to achieve universal health coverage, CORD aims to provide access to clean and safe water, sanitary and hygienic practices, medicines and vaccines for all as it prioritizes:


  • Attain Good Health and Well-being: combat Malaria, HIV and other killer diseases employing a multidimensional approach that focuses on prevention and treatment, education, immunization campaigns, and sexual and reproductive healthcare especially among the most vulnerable communities.
  • Water: increase efficiency, accessibility and sustainable management of clean and safe water for vulnerable communities in South Sudan and around the world to realize that clean and safe water isn’t a luxury but a necessity and a fundamental human right according to the United Nations 2010 Declaration. “Water is colorless and tasteless, but you can live on it longer than eating food.” African Proverb.
  • Sanitation: promote measures necessary for proper disposal of human and animal wastes, proper use of toilet and avoiding open space defecation as a means of improving and protecting health and well being of the people.
  • Hygiene: instill the practice of appropriate general cleanliness (including hand washing practices with soap) in order to stimulate behavioural change through motivation, information and education leading to healthy and hygienic behaviour.