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Governance: protection, peace building, and conflict reconciliation

In nurturing the ideal system of governance based on democratic and human rights principles, CORD aims to build a pacified world peace building programs, advocacy and protection and inclusive participation of every citizen in decision-making on the affairs of their society.

  • Access to justice and accountability: to aid both communal and national justice systems to enhance quality of justice and accountability to all persons and institutions who seek legal support once their rights have been or are about to get violated.
  • Peace building and conflict resolution: to create peaceful communities, end conflicts and innovate new approaches to resolve conflicts and violence among people through coexistence, collaboration, and equitable resource distribution aiming to end the cycle of poverty that triggers violence among people.
  • Protection and advocacy: to trumpet calls for protection against all forms of human rights (focusing on children, women and persons with special needs) abuses, exploitations, neglects, violence, falsification, and thievery of material, financial and intellectual property rights.